Jordan 🤦🏻‍♀️


Undeniably in debt and winging it. Those six words sum up my life.

Welcome, if you’ve happened to stumble across my page. The name’s Jordan, an almost adult who’s trying to pave the way for her future by living out the uni dream in Wellywood.

Barely able to sew in a straight line, and with little to 0 pattern or fashion construction experience, I decided to study the one thing that had been my last choice. Fashion design.

‘Yeah nah’ is what I would’ve said a year ago if someone had told me I’d end up doing a fashion major.

I guess the jokes on me.

Constantly surrounded by people who actually know what they’re doing, I’m essentially winging my way through a degree. And for now, it’s working.

If your intention was to follow along with a wannabe designer trying to master the art of pattern making and sewing that perfect line, you’ve come to the right place.

And with a sprinkle of photography here and another of art there, welcome to a never-ending cycle of projects as I strive beyond the ‘C’s get degrees’ catchphrase. Or try to.