Bellana 🐻


I’m Bellana, average in every way, a bit lazy and a bit of a giver-upper at times. HOWEVER, I have a real passion for writing and if I could do anything the rest of my life, it would be storytelling. There are many stories I wish too eventually tell in a variety of mediums.
Currently, I’ve written my first novel and am hoping it’s decent enough to not be my last 🤞🏽

My mind is constantly overflowing with different story ideas, sometimes I have to drop whatever I’m doing to write down notes or otherwise I forget them, (I have the worst memory) more often then not these notes end up on scraps of paper or scrawled across my hands and arms. Honestly, things like this make me enjoy my passion more, getting lost in new ideas, figuring out single worded messages I left for myself, decoding my messy writing (believe me, my handwriting is just scribbles.)

I’ll be uploading posts of dreams I have (some are mental… at least by my standard) and whatever else I feel like sharing. I also have a couple of stories I wrote as a child which are pretty hilarious so I might share those. I’ll probably post a lot cause more often than not I have nothing else to do…

Underneath my name in the menu, click ‘a mess of things’ to see all of my posts. I hope you enjoy!

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