The Collective 🎭

How H.E.L.P came together

This is a blog started by three girls (women?… they’re in their 19’s and 20’s, so does that qualify them as adults? Crap… ) who have known each other since they were 14/15 years old. After year 10, Bellana moved to a faraway place which was only assessable by a hill which was hated by the general masses (herself included), while Chloe and Jordan finished high school together (lucky gals).

2016 was the last year of high school for all of them; one moved on to university life (and is kicking ass with her studies), another is working (making all the money) while still pursuing her passions in her free time, and the other is basically still living at home not achieving much (trust me, it’s killing her just as much as it sounds). See if you can figure out who is who through our content! (It won’t take you long.)

However, by a miracle, they all managed to stay in contact even if at times they were only held together by threads. (They need to Skype more…) Now, they’re making a collaborative blog! (Woohoo!)

The purpose of this blog is to share and have fun! *Cue the sparkly rainbow with a smidge of cringy-ness* They are all different people, this makes for great variations in what they create. Sometimes their art is light and just nice to look at, other times is darker and more in-depth (Don’t be surprised if they actively switch between upbeat/heartfelt and sad/depressed. They’re not crazy, just expressive and a little moody… they hope that’s all at least).


So… why the name, H.E.L.P? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Well, good question, the blog authours don’t really know what they’re doing and assume that neither you… the reader know, so it’s like a big collection of WTF is going on. Will anyone ever understand what’s going on here? Probably not, is that a bad thing? Nope.

Your next question may be, “why hypothetical emotions lost in progress?”

It’s a big mood… have a problem with that?

Check out our personal pages!

Bellana  —  Mostly likely to become the writer from Nim’s Island who can’t leave her house, uses extreme amounts of hand sanitizer and only manages to eat Progresso soup. Bellana’s Instagram

Chloe  — Most likely to steal someone’s dog and feel no remorse. A constant writhing mess of desire, anxieties, passion, harsh truths, and Thomas the Tank Engine memes. Chloe’s Instagram

Jordan  —  Most likely to pull an all-nighter after spending an entire day thinking of a project idea, fail, and then have an idea come to her at 2am. Jordan’s Instagram