The News Today | Episode 2 | 28th August

Today, there is no news.

It is a bright and blue winters day, as I sit in class, listening to my tutor explaining how blog posts work to my classmates. Some of which cannot quite make blog posts work. True to form, I’m hungry, and early await when we are set free to raid the cafe of its many goods. Most likely chips, or perhaps hash browns if they have them. Maybe even treat myself to a hot chocolate if I’m feeling a bit lavish.

Much to my great disappointment, winters cruel touch has wilted my potatoes. They now hang limp and dreary in my garden, hanging soggyily among the weeds that I have been to afraid to rake up, least I harm my poor sad potatoes. On the bright side, my strawberries that I have just planted, appear to be doing splendidly. And some of the lettuce seedlings that I have also just inserted, don’t look to terrible either. One or two do look a bit shit though. However that can be chalked up to the cat, and how apparently they make marvelous toys on which to pounce upon, and break all the tender young leaves.

On the subject of animals, we have another one. It really never stops. Caleb found a dear rabbit in need of a home on the good old internet. And instead of waiting until one of the breeds we were after appeared on Trade me, he jumped on this bluey grey Flemish Giant cross, who we have since called Rain. Truth be told, she is rather sweet, but more than anything in this scenario, I question my partner’s impulse animal buying choices. At least she came with the cage, otherwise we would have a real problem. More so with Caleb, than with the rabbit.

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