The News Today | Episode 1 | 7th June

Today, there is no news.

Nothing of great importance happened.

The sky is bright and blue, almost unbearably so. The trees outside my window are adorned in the red golds of autumn, but the pines remain vividly green. The air is bitterly cold, and winter is not very far away at all. I had to make sure I wore a warm jacket went I went to my local book fair this afternoon. The few books I picked up were all very cheap at a dollar each, and each one of them suitably interesting. One I am particularly looking forwards to is one I brought about growing bonsai trees. Perhaps I will try my hand at it. Ever since our potatoes in the garden have started to flourish, so has my green-fingered ego.

Even though winter is starting to grasp us with its frosted hands, the sun is still warm and strong. It does a good job of chasing away the morning chill. Even the cats are starting to bundle up with us in the wee hours. And while it sometimes rouses us from our slumber, it is still very sweet of them, and certainly a gesture that is never rejected. However, I do wish Kuro would stop peeing on my things. I understand that he is still a young kit, learning where and where to not pee in the world. But please small sir, stop doing it on my work pants.

On the subject of the book fair, it was very nice. In fact just as nice as it was when I first visited it last week. However I got a fair few more books last week than I did this week, even a few records to listen to that all seem very interesting. Visiting places like the book fair remind me fondly of places I don’t get to visit that often. I wish I had more time to visit them all. Maybe then, there will be some news to tell. I suppose we’ll see.

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