The Chosen // Unpublished Story

Everything was white. Blinding and devoid of life.

People were no longer human, but robots, clothed in white jumpsuits walking around day after day, repeating the same cycle over and over. A cycle that never ended.

Nothing had changed since the day she’d been dragged into this white wasteland, so how was she meant to believe anything different?

Faces were empty, blank as the robots shuffled past, some oblivious to the surroundings, others masking their doubts so well they seemed to not question anything that went on in this place.

 You’ll feel right at home here, they’d said. The Academy was where everyone wanted to be, the place you only dreamed of being able to get into.

No one could have known what lay behind the pristine white doors. We are the Future, they had promised, the words carved into the frame high above as she’d passed half-conscious beneath them.

Once through those doors, you never got out. The Academy was a prison. On the rare chance you did have the opportunity to leave, only under orders and the pretense of a righteous movement, she had come to believe that it meant certain death.

Strangers she had watched leave had never come back.

Day after day, she watched another helpless soul dragged through the doors, and she hated them for it. Hated herself. Hated the people for believing the lies, even though she had once been a believer. Those days were long gone.

She clenched her fist, the guards at each passing door glancing concernedly at her, reaching for their communication systems. Let them, she snarled in her mind. In this god forsaken place she could not be the only one was aching to fight against The Academy, the people who had brainwashed everyone into believing they were the right choice, the only choice.

Risking a quick glance out of the window, she was only met with a wave of disappointment, followed by hatred. The windows were blanked out, the only light coming from harsh fluorescent’s hanging from the ceiling at intervals.

The Academy was clever. They couldn’t risk letting their brainwashed Chosen ones get a glance out of the window at the real world. The real people. Outsiders, they called them. They were the only people left in this world who were fighting back, who still had their freedom. Everyone she passed in this bright hallway may have thought they had freedom within these white walls, but she knew better.

They were the Chosen Ones. And they were here to make the world a worse place.



Wow, you may be thinking. This sounds kinda like a mix of The Island and Divergent, and any other sci-fi/dystopian film or novel in history. Well, you’re right.

Mix those all together and you get this, a product of my imagination from about 2/3 years ago.

I’m really only posting this because I was in the mood to post and this story hasn’t really done anything except sit on my laptop for a long ass time unseen and unread, so where better to post it than here?

An update on the art page: she is up and running. So if you like a lil illustration (like above) here and a digital drawing there, check her out – fucj


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