Get Over It | Musings

As I write this, I can’t help feeling a bit like my Dad. He would often make comments around the dinner table, or while relaxing in the living room, about how everyone is so sensitive these days. About how it seems like every thing, no mater how much they pandered to the easily peeved, would somehow fuck someone off. And as I see more and more things scattered around the internet, on Facebook posts and Instagram captions, the more and more I am coming to see it. There are so many special fucking snowflakes.

Now don’t get me wrong, there are very uncool things out in the world, that have caused some serious harm to people, and I can understand why people are upset about them. Example being white people using the n-word, especially in a negative context. But there are somethings that just grind my fucking gears. Like this person who I used to follow on Instagram. They were a trans person from Sweden who posted some interesting stuff about various topics as well as progressing their gender transition, so I flicked them a follow as their content legitimately interested me. It was all well and good for a while, until I learned that they were sixteen. Now I don’t know about you guys, but when I was sixteen, I thought I knew a thing or two. Now I’m twenty, turns out I didn’t know jack shit back then. Then around that point in time, they started posting some pretty wacky stuff along the lines of, “The top Youtube creators are all white straight cis men who all work together to keep one another on top and push out diverse channels!! PewDiePie is a known racist and nazi, and Jacksepticeye and Markiplier created Cloak to scam their young and vulnerable fanbase! Do NOT watch any of their content or support them in any way!! They are money hungry scum!”

Now this of course, is all hot garbage. As first of all, Markiplier is Filipino. And secondly, if you ever actually watched any of their videos, you’d know that yeah, PewDiePie made some edgy jokes. Yeah? Big fucking deal. So does literally everyone I know, including my family and my work mates. I would list a few examples, but someone might get triggered. And we can’t have that now, can we. Another thing this person on Instagram posted to their story was, “Has anyone got an criminalizing articles on Stan Lee?” This was posted the same day he passed away. Have some fucking respect. A much loved man has just died, and you want to demonize him and ruin his legacy? How badly do you want to be angry and upset? How attention hungry do you have to be? Shortly after that, I unfollowed them, because otherwise I was going to comment something very long and full of swear words on one of their posts.

I see it everywhere now, and I drives me mad. I wish I could just take some of these eggshell cry babies and teach them a lesson or two. Just because someone made a joke you thought was mean, doesn’t make them a demon. And calling them out on it doesn’t make you a hero. It makes you obnoxious and arrogant. And just because someone has an opinion you don’t agree with, doesn’t mean you can’t have a civil conversation with them about the topic. It’s called being a mature adult. You do not scream at people so loudly that you drown out what their trying to say, just because you don’t want to hear it. Because god forbid, that racist sexist homophobic nazi could have a valid point.

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