Insight | A Poem

A poem that is both ironic and hypocritical in relation to me. But also not. I’m at a very confusing stage in my life.



I try to see into the people around me.


It is an exercise I find comes naturally.


Perhaps I’m intuitive,


perhaps I’m nosy.


To interested for my own good.


Who am I to delve into the minds of others?




why shouldn’t I?


I know why they do this,


why they say that,


why they feel these things.


I know how to make them feel these things.  


Who am I to play God?


Who is God?


And who is he,


to decide


if the actions I have made in my life,


based on my feelings


that he has given me,


make me




I think I’m a good person.


I hope I’m a good person.


I pray I’m a good person.

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