Encompass | Poem

This is about something very real. It happened a few days ago. But I want it to happen everyday for the rest of my life.


I wake warm,

My body wrapped around another.

My light.

My love.

My only.

He stirs gently in his sleep.

Troubled by some unknown dream.

I wish I could jump inside his mind,

Caress his cheek,

Place a kiss softly upon his forehead.

As to ease his rest.

The other night,

I had my own dream.

We were some place

Very far away from here.

You proposed to me,

With a ring made of many parts.

In the dream,

I said yes.

And we were

So happy.

And when I woke up,

I was so happy.

And that’s when I knew,

with you,

I’ll always be

So happy.

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