Maelstrom | Part 1 | Doctor

It was a fine spring afternoon when Dr. Julian Gale arrived at the front desk of his new apartment building. He had mixed emotions about it all, but had deemed it necessary when his previous landlady regretted to inform him that the building was being demolished. Due to structural unsoundness, or something to that effect. So the nonchalant looking Doctor thought it might be best to apply for tenancy in a newer, more modern building to save him the hassle of moving for the next twenty years, or whenever his lease runs out. The Ollivander was not only an apartment building, according to the many articles Dr. Julian had read. While it boasted comfortable open plan apartments to suit any and all, it also had a whole floor dedicated to a supermarket, and another floor to a gym with a heated indoor swimming pool. It was a simple, yet fashionable looking building, with all the needs of a modern man met. It all made for a very convenient arrangement, and was within his budget. Even if it did make the drive to and from work somewhat more lengthy, it would be the only drive he’d have to make on a regular basis. So as the chipper looking girl at the front desk handed over his newly cut keys, Dr. Julian thanked her with a sincere smile, before placing then into the pocket of his freshly dry cleaned suit jacket.


The content Doctor gently cruised around his bare flat. Taking all of it in. From the way the light caught the dust in the air in front of the smooth polished concrete walls, to the touch of the springy newly laid carpet under his feet. An introduction book sat, angled almost to perfectly, on the edge of his kitchen counter. He picked it up and began to browse absentmindedly thought it’s pages. Table of Contents. 1. Welcome to The Ollivander! 2. Getting Set Up. 3. Procedures and Protocols. 4. Social Events. 5. Assistance and Maintenance. It wasn’t long after he had finished reading about what you can and cannot put down the rubbish chute, that a sharp knock sounded at the door. Dr. Julian quickly came to open it, and found the movers there with his cardboard boxes of belongs. “Please, do come in.” He ushered, opening the door wide as the diligent moving men wheeled in their cargo.


After about an hour and a half, Dr Julian’s possessions were pilled in the middle of his modest living space. While his mattress lay propped up against the wall. He let out a large sigh, he had a fair bit of unpacking to do. The first to be opened was the box that had the coffee plunger in it. Julian went through the kitchen things, filling his cupboards with boxes of name brand cereal, tins of sweet peaches, and cans of strong dark coffee. Speaking of which, he could do with a cup. The Doctor set his kettle on the gas stove, it boiled, he poured it into the plunger with a good spoon of his favorite Moroccan coffee. Once it had brewed to be strong enough to his liking, he placed it on a tray with a mug and moved out onto his little balcony. Where he placed his tray down on the ground next to a copy of Edgar Allan Poe’s works, took off his shirt, and lay down on his lounger to enjoy the gentle spring sun. It was safe to say that Julian Gale was so far, enjoying his new life at The Ollivander. After drinking most of his coffee, he fell into a sunny slumber. Dozing happily. That was, until a great smash sent him jolting awake.


Thought I would try my hand at a bit of a story on this blog. Let me know what you think, I’m eager to hear your thoughts. Part 2 will be out… sooner rather than later.

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